As of January 1st 2017  all tuning Appointments Will require a $200 deposit in order to schedule the appointment. These can be payed with a card over the phone or in person with cards or cash.  Please call 603-382-5100 to make payments. If your appointment needs to be canceled you need to do so 7 days in advance.  your payment will then be used on your new rescheduled tuning date as long as you cancelled within our 7 day cancellation window. This Deposit in NON Refundable! Please plan acordingly.

Tuning Rates


$200 for the first hour and $150 for each additional hour.     Minimum 1 hour 


Hondata S300, kpro, Flashpro, K-Tuner

Naturally Aspirated $475 with Nitrous $575

Turbo, Supercharger or NOS $550 with boost option $575

AEM V2 or Infiniti ( Please note we no longer tune the AEM V1 systems)

All cars with a standalone ECU must be dropped off

Naturally aspirated $650

Turbo, Supercharger Or NOS $750 With Boost Option $850

Flex fuel add +300

Mitsubishi DSM, EVO

ECM Link $500

AEM V2 or Infiniti

All Cars With A Standalone ECU Must Be Dropped Off

Turbocharged,  $700 With electronic Boost Option $800

Flex Fuel Add +300


Cobb Accessport

Impreza WRX STI FXT Legacy GT Etc  $500

Flex fuel add +300

Speed density add +300   

Added features take longer and due to this we require cars are dropped off to allow Sufficient time for tuning. 

General Motors  most models ( call to confirm )

HP Tuners  

Naturally aspirated w/basic mods $450 plus credit fee ( most fees are $100 per credit)

Turbo or supercharged $650 plus credit fee  ( Most Fees Are $100 Per Credit)

Toyota Supra 2JZ and 2JZ swapped cars/Trucks

AEM V2 Or Infiniti ( Please Note We No Longer Tune The AEM V1 Systems)

All Cars With A Standalone ECU Must Be Dropped Off

Naturally Aspirated $600

Turbo, Supercharger Or NOS $700 With Boost Option $800

Flex Fuel Add +300


At Racetek we feel getting a tune is more then "Just getting tuned" 

To extract the best performance and reliability we must take the time to do this right,  Rushing here is not an option.  We want to ensure that we are giving your car the best we can when it comes to tuning. Our tuning involves more then just full throttle pulls, We strive to tune all aspects of the engine parameters from idle, to cruise,  and of coarse full throttle.

We also offer a pre-tune inspection by appointment, This will allow us to evaluate your current build and potentially find any issues that may need to be corrected before a tuning day is scheduled. This,  in the long run will save you time and expense. 

Contact us to discuss your tuning needs

Via Email RacetekNH@gmail.com

By Phone 603 382 5100   


Please click on the links below for more Info on tuning your specific make Or fill out our form below for more information. We will get back to you as soon as we can.  ****Please note Tuning services are for off road use only****

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